It may not come as a surprise to you that in the District’s proposals for a new contract, salary increases have been tied to health insurance give-backs. The District has proposed changing our current Rx co-pays from $0/$15/$30 to $5/$20/$40. This change would save the District an estimated $334,000 annually in the District’s cost of the health insurance premiums for our bargaining unit members who take the District’s health insurance. Obviously, this change would increase the cost our members would be paying out of pocket for prescription drugs. The Negotiation team considers this offer to change the health insurance benefits and/or costs unacceptable.

CUT's position to date is to preserve our current healthcare benefits. As a result, the team will refuse the District's offer and that refusal could result in the negotiation process going to impasse. The first stage of impasse is Mediation. If you please would you take a minute and provide us with your thoughts on the Team's position by filling out the form below ↓.

Your negotiations team thanks you for your time and input.

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